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Validation of overseas PILOT LICENCES for use in New Zealand.

If you are an overseas pilot planning a flying holiday in my Tecnam P2008iS I can organise the issuing  of a suitable New Zealand Pilot Certificate in a quick cost effective way. You will need a valid and current pilot licence/certificate, with a minimum experience of 45 hours flight time including 10 hours cross country.  If you wish to carry  a passenger you need a minimum of 35 hours pilot in command.  The certificate I authorise may be geographically or otherwise limited depending on your experience and perceived abilities.

You will take a radio and Law exam on line at the club.  Study material and question bank is available free on line.

We will spend a day, perhaps 2, familiarising you with New Zealand conditions, undertaking a Biennial Flight Review (general handling test) and type rating.

Hopefully I can then complete the paper work and you will be able to go on your trip.

How Much?
Assuming you hare reasonably experienced and in current flying practice and familiar with variable pitch propeler/CSU allow one complete day of my time and 1.5 hours flying  plus various charges - budget NZ$700. 
Extra time is charged at NZ$210/hobbs for the aircraft and NZ$30/contact hour for me.

Your Trip
The aircraft is available for your trip at NZ$210/ hobbs hour wet plus away landing fees and navigation charges.  The aircraft is insured with an excess of NZ$ 1,650 which I would expect you to pay in the event of a mishap.  I hold up to date charts and aerodrome data for your use at no charge.  The Garmin GX3 data base is kept up to date.  If you want to use your ipad then I suggest you subscribe to Ozrunways or similar.  Headsets, lifejackets and a basic survival kit are provided at no extra cost.  The scope of your trip must be approved by me prior to departure and any subsequent variations must be agreed in advance.

Issuing a New Zealand PPL to the holder of an ICAO PPL.

To do this the licence must be current in every respect.  i.e license itself; Radio rating; medical, biennial review or equivalent, English Language endorsement.  Your overseas medical can be used for the initial issue but a New Zealand medical must be obtained subsequently.
The experience levels must also meet the New Zealand PPL minimums

which are:

    50 hours flight time including:

    15 hours dual

    15 hours solo

    5 hours advanced dual

    5 hours dual instrument flying

    5 hours dual cross country

    5 hours solo cross country

    5 hours terrain awareness

    The advanced dual includes such things as cross wind landings and other items you will have done!  However the 5 hours instrument flying is not a requirement everywhere.

    The 5 hours terrain awareness is to a New Zealand Specific syllabus and a typical European PPL will not have covered it.  If you have an EASA mountain rating or similar we will be happy to assess it against the requirements.

    New Zealand operates a type rating system, even for simple types.  If you have not flown 5 hours pilot in command of the types we operate you will need a type rating.   This is not a big deal but may take a little more time than the "BFR" required for validation.

    The procedure would be:

    Contact us to construct a cunning plan!

    Let us have copies of your documents so that we can be sure there will not be any hang ups when you arrive.

    Pre study a few "differences"

    Pitch up and spend the day with us undertaking New Zealand familiarisation briefings and a Biennial Flight Review to the NZ requirements.  Fill out the validation paperwork and send it to the CAA. 

    This is a long hard day and may well spill over - especially if a type rating is required.

    If there are any shortfalls in experience we can plan that in but it will, of course, take extra time.  The terrain awareness can be quite fun involving low flying;  going up and down valleys. If you have not done that type of flying before it can be taken as a stand alone course.

    You will need to bring police reports with you.  A licence can be issued using your current medical but a NZ medical will be required when it expires.

    How Much?

    Assuming you meet the experience requirements and are in current flying practice allow one complete day of my time and 1.5 hours flying  plus various charges - budget NZ$650.  In addition there will be the CAA licence issue fee of NZ$230.  Extra time is charged at NZ$210/hobbs for the aircraft and NZ$30/contact hour for me.

Want to talk?  John Nicholls   flyitnz@gmail.com or telephone Land line: +64 (0) 9 406 1974  mobile +64 (0) 27-359 4869