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All prices in New Zealand Dollars and include GST
Bay of Islands membership:
Temporary overseas - up to one month - regardless of licence held  $40
Full membership classes subject to being proposed, seconded and approved:
Microlight only: - for those holding/training for only a microlight pilot certificate.  $115pa
GA membership:
- for those holding/training for a GA licence (PPL;CPL etc.)      $145pa
Aircraft Rates
Aircraft are charged for on the HOBBS meter and are only available to members of the Bay of Islands Aero Club:

Tecnam P96G microlight  $120/hr
Tecnam P2008 LSA      $210/hr
Licence /advanced certificate holders may apply to join the 12 + 12 for 12 scheme on the P2008LSA.  This involves paying a monthly standing charge for a minimum 12 month period.  Flying is then charged at a lower hourly rate.

I charge $30/ contact hour.  This applies to briefings and solo supervision time in addition to actual flying time.  This rate is the same regardless of whether GA or microlight certificates are being trained for.
A fixed instructor charge of NZ$120 is made assuming only one flight and ground session is required.  If extra training is needed it will be charged for at the usual instructor rate.
PPL formal classes $160/subject
Individual tuition for CPL; PPL; RAANZ courses at current instructor rate
Budget estimates for specific courses are shown on the relevant page.
Sundry Charges:
Landing fees for the P2008LSA and P96G are included at Kerikeri; Kaitaia and Kaikoe.  Other landing fees and airways charges are additional and subject to a 15% administration charge
Prices are correct on 7 September 2016 and are subject to change without notice.

Want to talk?  John Nicholls   flyitnz@gmail.com or telephone Land line: +64 (0) 9 406 1974  mobile +64 (0) 27-359 4869 Skype:Flyitnz