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Ground School

In addition to the flying syllabus it is necessary to take 6 written exams.  These can be taken after a period of self study.  For Microlight pilots study material is available on the RAANZ website www.raanz.org.nz .

For private pilots the recommended groundschool textbooks are: Private Pilot Licence Kit (5 books);  Aviation Medicine and other Human Factors for Pilots.  These are available from https://www.waypoints.nz/books.html/  For the CPL course you also need volumes 6,7 & 8.  You may be able to buy them second hand on Trademe or friends.

We do have some secondhand books we can sell you at half the list price.

Do not under estimate the amount of study required!  It is necessary to pass all exams before a PPL student may fly cross country solo - say around 30 hours flying and we require the law and radio exams to be passed before first solo.

briefing room The briefing/lecture room was upgraded in 2013 and we are pleased to offer a formal lecture programme for the PPL subjects.  The courses are delivered using powerpoint presentations.  PDF's of the lecture slides are sent out by email after the lectures.

Course sizes are usually very small - between 3 and 6 students.  This allows good group interaction enhancing the learning experience.

These courses are also suitable for Microlight pilots who wish to have a similar knowledge level to pilots flying similar aircraft in the same airspace!

For Commercial Pilot candidates we offer one to one tutorials on subjects specified by the student in advance.  This can be a few hours "brush up" before the exam or on an ad-hoc basis.

The tutorial system is also available to PPL/Microlight students who prefer to study on a one to one basis.

Want to talk?  John Nicholls   flyitnz@gmail.com or telephone Land line: +64 (0) 9 406 1974  mobile +64 (0) 27-359 4869
Willie Morton email: mitmete@actrix.co.nz  mobile: 021 0811 6612