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I offer a choice of 2 Tecnam aircraft for flight training on a regular basis:

A Tecnam P2008LSA registered NEW in New Zealand in March 2013. 

I purchased this aircraft new specifically for use as a 2 place trainer for Private, Commercial and Microlight licences. 

My rationale for buying new was that I wanted access to 21st century technology.  I accept that machines designed for a 10 year life and still in service 50 years  later have done well - but for me are equivalent to renting a 1974 Ford Cortina.  Of course I had to accept that my "wants" involved a much larger capital investment and associated costs than buying a legacy machine.

Having toured extensively in light aircraft I also wanted a machine with good cross country capability equipped to make life easy!  The Tecnam P2008LSA meets all my requirements.

The P2008LSA has a wide bodied 2 seat carbon fibre fuselage with ample luggage space and is powered by a 100hp Rotax 912ULS engine.  It is equipped with twin Dynon Skyview 1000 glass cockpit panels which include moving map GPS and controls for the mode S/ADSB transponder.  It is fitted with an Icom radio with  "dual" frequency function. This enables one frequency to be monitored whilst working another - very useful when going to controlled aerodromes.

It is registered as a Special Category - Light Sports Aircraft in accordance with "part 91".   It has its own specific maintenance program  and the lead maintenance contractor is Northland Aviation, based at Whangarei.

P2008LSA cockpit                     LSA

        Link to Dan Johnson Video report from Oshkosh                                                                                                 Link to Dynon Skyview introduction video

A Tecnam P96G

This aircraft, first registered in 2002, is owned by the Bay of Islands Aero Club. It is metal and fabric construction powered by a Rotax 100hp engine.  It is equipped with basic VFR instrumentation, a mode C transponder and communication radio.  It is registered as a microlight under "part 103".   A microlight can be maintained by the owner and we are indebted to Bay Of Islands Aero Club committee member Kevin Magnall for his long term efforts in maintaining this aircraft.  His efforts are a major factor in keeping the cost of operation so low.  This aircraft may not be taken away overnight, or outside of Northland, without express permission from the committee.

Tecnam P96G  P96G cockpit

Other Aircraft
In addition to the above aircraft I am happy to train you in yours subject to my view on its suitability.  In general it is sensible to train on one of the above machines then convert to the machine of your choice.

Want to talk?  John Nicholls   flyitnz@gmail.com or telephone Land line: +64 (0) 9 406 1974  mobile +64 (0) 27-359 4869  (027 Flyitnz) Skype:Flyitnz